Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kanaiolowalu and motive

My motive for writing this blog is simple.  I am concerned that the distrust many Native Hawaiians have felt and continue to feel against the government overshadows the practical attempts by well-intentioned and recognized Hawaiian community leaders to elevate Native Hawaiians. 

Like other Hawaiian families, my ohana and I have repeatedly felt disappointment and frustration with “the system”.  We’re almost at 100 years since the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act was passed and we’re more than 50 years after Hawaii became an official state of the union and our conditions haven’t gotten better the way they should have. 

Kanaiolowalu gives every single Native Hawaiian the chance to stand-up and say, “We will not stand for this anymore!  We want control of our resources to improve our children’s lives and our community.”  Even though every day gives us the chance to do this, Kanaiolowalu gives us the chance to do this with a unified and thunderous voice. 

A unified and thunderous voice cannot be ignored. 

Like other Hawaiian families, my ohana and I continue to be weary and distrustful.  But, we have to begin to move beyond the distrust and come together.  Now is the time. 

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