Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kanaiolowalu Truths

While there are many great benefits from using the internet, the internet can also be mis-used to spread mis-information like wildfire.  Once mis-information spreads like wildfire, it is often difficult to contain and truths are hidden. 

I previously raised credibility issues about a blogger who wrote about Kanaiolowalu and incorrect Hawaiian history regarding King Kamehameha.  That original posting was dated as July 24, 2012. 

Two weeks later, that bit of mis-information was then spread on Facebook.

Below is another screen capture of another blogger who is also helping to spread
mis-information and historical inaccuracies by re-posting the original blog. 

By re-posting the first historically inaccurate blog onto another blog, mis-information continues to spread.   As the mis-information spreads, people become confused if they believe that mis-information.  Once people believe the mis-information, they start making choices based on mis-information, rather than good information. 

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