Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Kanaiolowalu post

It's astounding how much mis-information about Native Hawaiian issues plagues the internet.  What's worse is the amount of mis-information produced, developed, and then spread about Native Hawaiian issues by well-meaning often justice-seeking Native Hawaiians.  My mission here is to clear-up as much of the mis-information as possible. 

One of the most pressing issues right now is Kana'iolowalu, so I will spend a lot of time examining and writing about what other people are saying.

Here I will cover a number of issues about Kanaiolowalu.

The first entry after this one is titled, Kanaiolowalu and Other Peoples' Credibility.  In this posting I discuss credibility by examining an inaccurate historical fact about Hawaiian history and I rip that statement apart by using a credible source.  Credibility is important to examine especially when people put themselves "out there"and take strong positions for or against something.  So, we examine credibility.

Kanaiolowalu Truths is the next post and it's somewhat of a continuation of the post before it.  Here I expose how information from non-credible sources can spread almost exponentially like wildfire.  There is a danger when mis-information on important issues spreads like wildfire and infects the minds of Native Hawaiians.

A few days later, I wrote, "Don't be Fooled: How some people will try to fool you!" I expose how bloggers may use a bait and switch technique to fool you.  Essentially, I show an example of a blogger who made a statement in her subject heading about Kanaiolowalu but then avoided actually discussing the subject at all.  In other words, she baits readers with her subject heading, then tries to fool readers by not discussing that topic.

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