Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gross Exaggerations about Kanaiolowalu

If someone insulted you repeatedly on YOUR Facebook page, what would you do? 

We are blessed to have so many advocates within the Native Hawaiian community.  We do however have a few aunties who like to exaggerate details.  Exaggerating details can sometimes be fun.  Exaggerating helps provoke emotions in people to get them to do something, or to choose not to do something.

Sometimes, exaggerations need to be pointed out so that people can understand things more clearly. 

Below is a screen capture that actually “captures” how one particular auntie exaggerates.  While blogging about Kanaiolowalu she wrote,

This blogger’s comments were either removed or hidden from the Kanaiolowalu Facebook page. 

According to her, removing Facebook comments somehow results in people being “deleted out of existence”.   Does this make sense to you?

This same blogger has posted numerous negative comments and juvenile-like “doctored” images of Kanaiolowalu and Native Hawaiian Roll Commission members.  Basically, she insults people. 

So, I ask you again, “if someone insulted you repeatedly on YOUR Facebook page, what would you do?” 

Would you delete their comments?

If you did, would that “delete them out of existence”?

If someone came to your house insulting you, you’d probably ask them to leave.  It’s not unreasonable to delete insults that people make against you.  The Kanaiolowalu Facebook page moderators simply did what all of us would have done.  They peacefully deleted her hurtful insults and she lived to blog about it so obviously, she wasn’t deleted out of existence and she’s still free to insult other Native Hawaiians fighting for Native Hawaiian rights. 

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