Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Don't Be Fooled Part 2.

Last month I wrote about how people will try to fool you about Kanaiolowalu.  It's necessary to talk about this again.  See the screen capture photo below.  The screen capture only shows an excerpt of the entire blog.

I'm going to explain to you how the bloggers are confusing people about Kanaiolowalu.  I think these people are generally well-intentioned. I think they mean well.

The blog posting is titled "Clarification on Kanaiolowalu Claims"  The title is meant to trick you into thinking that Kanaiolowalu "claims" are unclear.  They accomplish this in their blog post title by suggesting that they will clarify those claims in their blog posting.

I'll be honest with you, when I read this, I couldn't help but think about American-hero Charles Ramsey and the subsequent song remix that someone made that focuses on his use of the term, "Dead Give Away!"  This posting reminded me of that song so much, that I'm posting the YouTube video below for you to listen to.  But, please continue to read on because I explain below the video what the "Dead Give Away" is in this posting that shows how the bloggers are mis-informing people like you.

The Dead Give Aways Here.
You want to know what the dead give aways are in the posting?
  • First, Kanaiolowalu is not mentioned once in the post other than the blog post title and the URL for the Kanaiolowalu website. 
  • Second, the one time the word claim is used in the blog posting, it has nothing to do with Kanaiolowalu.  Instead, they write, "While there are many fighting the freedom fight, many claim not to have the time to listen to our voices, for they are so wrapped up in the legislative battles." Again, nothing to do with Kanaiolowalu.  
  • Third, neither the word clarification nor any derivative of that word shows up in the actual blog posting.    

What does all this mean?
It's very simple.  They didn't do what their blog post title told you they would do.  They provided no meaningful clarification of any Kanaiolowalu claims.  Their posting is obnoxiously long and doesn't do what they tell you they will do.

They explained nothing, and hoped you would read the subject heading and decide not to read the obnoxiously long posting.   Don't be fooled.

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